Please email before applying to verify that applications are still being accepted.


The Davis Arts Council (Layton, UT) is looking for a new Programs & Operations Coordinator. Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received and this position will remain open until filled.


This is a customer service-based office position.  Answering questions (in person as well as on the phone), selling tickets, handling ticketing issues and building relationships with our patrons, sponsors, volunteers, and board members is extremely important. You will be the first point of contact to those who call or come into our office.

When a patron wants to see a show, they either come into our office, hop on our website to buy a ticket (which you’ve set up through ShoWare—our online ticketing system) or they call the office with questions and hopefully then buy a ticket over the phone. This patron needs to then receive their ticket and successfully use it on the night of the show. We need someone who manages this process from beginning to end. This includes running the box office during every summer season show as well as DAC the Halls (our annual Christmas concert(s)).

You will also be assisting the Director of Programs & Operations with multiple tasks from advancing shows to managing volunteers, and from organization of the office supplies to maintaining office equipment.

This is the kind of job where you might need to grab a ream of paper from the supply store while you are out on a Starbucks run—this would be the same workday where you catalogued and organized the credit card receipts, swept the kitchen and washed the dishes, you’ve already kindly listened to Auntie Mary, who is so excited about next week’s concert, and you’ve ended your day with doing a load of laundry from last night’s show. It’s a many-hats job.  Flexibility, ability to multi-task, and attention to detail are a winning combination.

We all have our own job responsibilities and you will be part of the “Implementation Team” but we all do everything. You may be asked to help out our “Advancement Team” or our Executive Director with special projects and when there are occasional slow days, you’ll be expected to spend your workday planning ahead for busier times and/or finding projects that have been put on the back burner.


One of the most critical components of this position is that we (the staff of DAC) are like a small family. With only 7 of us in total, and only 5 of us working fulltime from the office, it’s critical you fit into our unique environment and you thrive in a small-office environment (this is a harder task than some people give it credit for—often thinking that “small” means “easy” or “less stressful”; however, small office environments are definitely a fertile ground for some personality types—whereas, other people thrive better in larger organizations—please think carefully about this before applying). As a non-profit, we depend upon the generosity of others in big and small ways in order to keep us plugging along—so while we’re not the richest organization in the world (we would prefer to be able to offer more money in salary for this position, but cannot), we try to make up for that in flexibility and, hopefully, fun.

You Should Read on If You Enjoy…
  • helping people.
  • counting and math (well, third-grade math anyway).
  • logic and solving puzzles.
  • smiling, laughing, and being with others.
  • working in a small office environment.
You are Getting Closer to Being Our Newest Family Member If you…
  • are detail-oriented. You pay attention and stay focused, nothing falls through the cracks while you’re in charge!  Being organized and detail-oriented is a must for this position.
  • don’t get flustered easily, you are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. You’re chill when you need to be and stern when you need to be. You’ve totally got this!
  • are perfectly okay with working some nights and weekends, especially during the summer.
  • know Microsoft Office and are proficient in Excel and Word (and, hey, throw in a PowerPoint and you might just be our new bestest friend!!!).
  • understand audience-based writing and you understand when it would/wouldn’t be appropriate to use non-words like “bestest” or end-sentence punctuation with three exclamation points in various business writing scenarios.
  • recoil and disengage (or even run, screaming) from silly games, office gossip, assumptions, immaturity, and selfishness. You live to build (yourself and others), never tear down. “That’s not in my job description” and/or “me, me, me, me, me” have rarely, if ever, crossed your lips; or if they have, you are able to say this, “that was a loooooong time ago and I’ve learned a few life-lessons about being a part of a team as I’ve gotten older and wiser.”
  • making another person’s day gives you warm, satisfied feelings inside.
  • get along with almost everyone… while you remember (or really realize for the first time) that “nice is different than good,” you strive to be genuinely both.
  • can find something productive to do when things become mind-numbingly boring, quiet, and dull—which happens less and less as we grow, but still happens.


The starting salary for this position is $24,000 per year. This is a full-time (40 hours per week) job position (♦♦see #1 below though!♦♦). As a full-time position, the employee will be eligible for the following benefits in addition to the salary:

    Except for event days, when work hours are set according to the needs of the particular event, full-time employees may focus their time and efforts during the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm and, if successful in completing their assigned duties, may adjust their workday to a “Five-Hour-Focused Day,” and therefore leave at 2:00pm on most days of the year. This is an employee-driven perk—meaning that the workload of this position remains the same; however, the employee may be able—through focus, dedication, and skill—be able to complete their work and end their workday when the business office closes at 2:00pm. Conversely, the hours of 2:00pm to 5:00pm remain available for each employee to catch up on work not completed during the regular business hours without the distraction of day-to-day office business (phones, deliveries,visitors, etc.).
    Fulltime employees may join the DAC mobile phone plan (shared data within the DAC business data pool, unlimited texting, unlimited long-distance phone usage (for the U.S., it’s territories, Canada, and Mexico)) at no-cost (sans insurance). Should employee be under an unbreakable contract with a different carrier and/or simply does not want to switch to the DAC business plan, a $50.00 per month cell reimbursement is provided instead.
  3. INSURANCE[iii]
    Health and dental insurance is offered, including a small HRA (Health Reimbursement Account).
    10 paid holidays each year.
  5. PAID LEAVE (P.T.O) [v]
    Two (2) weeks (10 working days) of Personal Time Off (PTO) gifted yearly for sudden illnesses, mental health days, and paid vacation. After five (5) years of employment, employee is given three (3) weeks of PTO yearly.
    Simple IRA plan with matching of up to 3% of employee’s selected salary contribution. Details provided at eligibility date.
  7. HEALTH CLUB[vii]
    Ability for you and spouse/partner to use the Layton City’s gym/workout facility for no charge (through December 31, 2017).
    The ability to work in a small office with a great group of hard-working and hard-playing people, for an arts-based, community-focused charitable organization with a strong foundation, rich history, and bright future. End your work day knowing that it was spent working to strengthen and enrich the community through the power of the arts!


Please ensure you have thoroughly read the detailed job description (available by clicking here).

  • Prepare a cover letter (please take the time to write a cover letter that is specific to this job—generic/standard cover letters will ensure your applications gets as far as the recycle bin)—and be sure you’ve answered these four questions somewhere within your cover letter (if you need more than one page for your cover letter, we encourage you to take the space that you feel like you need; although we also appreciate succinct, concise writing):
    1. What, specifically (and honestly), about this job excites you the most?
    2. What is your personal mission statement for your own life, specifically relating to your career?
    3. What, specifically, about your experience, education, and/or personality make you the perfect candidate for this job?
    4. If hired, when are you available to start?
  • Attach your cover letter to your current resume.
  • If your resume does not contain at least three professional references, please arrange up to three but no more than six references on a separate page.
  • Put the entire package (all three documents) into ONE PDF FILE and email it to Please no phone calls regarding this position at this time.  Please put the following as the subject line of your email:
    • P&OC APPLICATION: <<<insert your first and last name here>>>
  • Hopefully, prepare yourself for an interview.


AVAILABLE ON FIRST DAY: The “Five-Hour-Focused Day” benefit is not a guarantee of working hours of 9:00am to 2:00pm. It is available to each employee as they dedicate, focus, and concentrate their workload/projects during DAC’s open business hours (M-F, 9:00am to 2:00pm, sans event days). This gives the employee the flexibility to utilize the remainder of the afternoon for personal use (using this flex time for standard doctor’s visits saves PTO for real vacation!). The hours 2pm to 5pm are still available for work hours should they be necessary to complete the employee’s assigned duties to up 40 hours per week (non-except employees may not work more than 40 hours per week without prior authorization from their supervisor). This benefit, while a significant paradigm shift from the standard model of Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, is truly employee-driven. This change in business hours is still in its infancy (began January 1, 2017) and considered in its trial phase; office hours may return to 9:00am to 5:00pm each weekday if determined necessary by the Executive Director and/or Board of Trustees.


[ii] AVAILABLE ON FIRST DAY: The mobile phone reimbursement benefit is part of the benefits package so that DAC may require employees to conduct business remotely via their business-provided smartphone. Details provided upon offer of employment.


[iii] AVAILABLE AFTER 60 DAYS: Both health and dental premiums are 80/20 plans (80% paid by DAC, 20% paid, pre-tax, via employee payroll deduction). Heath/dental is an electable benefit; however, no compensation is offered should employee opt out of the benefit. Details provided upon offer of employment.


[iv] AVAILABLE ON FIRST DAY: The major Federal holidays (plus a few others). Details provided upon offer of employment.


[v] AVAILABLE AFTER 60 DAYS: PTO is gifted commensurate with employee’s first day of employment, not the first day of eligibility (e.g. if employee’s first day is March 15, on May 15, approx. 7.35 days of PTO will be available for use). Details provided upon offer of employment.


[vi] AVAILABLE AT ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: DAC provides a Simple IRA plan that is available after one year of employment. DAC will match up to 3% of employee’s elected salary contribution. This benefit is an electable benefit; however, no compensation is offered should employee opt out of the IRA. Details provided at eligibility date.


[vii] AVAILABLE ON FIRST DAY: The gym membership perk is currently in flux; the DAC cannot guarantee that this benefit will be available past December 31, 2017; although, we are currently working on it.

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