River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain.

A world premiere by Elaine Jarvik
October 23-27 and November 13-17

Five-year-old JJ (who has lots of questions) and eight-year-old Izzy (a know-it-all who doesn’t know it all) are siblings who have recently lost their grandmother. They embark on a funny and touching hero’s journey to try to make sense of loss, grief, death and life.

Featuring Ashley Maria Ramos and Benjamin Young. Designed by Aaron Swenson. Directed by Cheryl Cluff.

RIVER.SWAMP.CAVE.MOUNTAIN. will reach 15,000 K-3 students at 40 schools in 7 counties as Plan B Theatre Company’s fifth annual Free Elementary School Tour, Click here to inquire about bring RSCM to your school!

The Davis Arts Council will be scheduling performances in public, private, and charter schools in Davis County. There will also be a performance for home-school students. If you are interested in having Active Stages come to your school or home school group, please contact Teri Cowan, Director of Marketing and Development, at teri@davisarts.org or 801-546-8575. This is a free program that includes a study guide for teachers to help your students get the most out of this performance.

In partnership with The Sharing Place. From the author of MARRY CHRISTMAS and BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

The Sharing Place Repertory Dance Theatre

Plan BSalt Lake City Public Library