Great Basin Street BandThe Great Basin Street Band has become the premier traditional jazz (“trad”) band in the Intermountain West. Founded in 1994, the band represents jazz music of New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City and other prominent jazz centers in the 1920 to 1940 era. The band’s name comes from the famous Basin Street in New Orleans with an interesting tie to the “Great Basin” of Utah.

The GBSB has twice performed at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy; The Sun Valley Jamboree; The Park City Jazz Festival; Many times at the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival; countless conventions and Company events.

“The best Dixieland you’ll ever hear!”

Event Date: June 21, 2015

Time: 7:00PM

Download a printable version of the 2015 Free Sunday Night Concert Series: SundaySeason2015_PerformanceList