Friday, October 5 at 7 PM
Alpine Church
254 W 2675 N, Layton, UT 84041


Lightwood Duo

Unique. Versatile. These are terms often used to describe musical groups or ensembles outside the common, difficult to define. All these terms have been used to describe the Lightwood Duo, the pairing of guitar and clarinet through master musicians Eric Nelson and Mike Christiansen.

Much of the Lightwood Duo’s successful sound is the result of their original arrangements. Their musical selections run the gamut from jazz, rock, Latin jazz, Celtic, and film music to the classics. Because of the variety of their repertoire, a Lightwood Duo performance is a series of surprises and unexpected turns. They have issued six CD’s. These CD’s receive frequent airtime on radio in the United States and on the program DiscDrive on the CBC in Canada.

The two musicians have worked together as the Lightwood Duo since 1992.  They also perform regularly with the rock band Mirage and with the bossa nova/samba ensemble Evening in Brazil.

The Duo’s recent performances have taken them to California, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Nebraska, and Hawaii, and have included corporate engagements with the Sundance Film Festival, Rotary International, the American Neurological Association, the Jack Niklaus Golf Tournament, and the Association of American Airline Pilots, among others. They have been included in the Utah Arts Council’s Performing Arts Tours, whose organizers state: “the unique sound of this amazingly versatile Duo is winning re-engagements for them from coast to coast.”