04 8:00 p.m.

NEIL DIAMOND SUPERSTAR – Jack Wright’s Live Concert Multimedia Experience!

NEIL DIAMOND SUPERSTAR – Jack Wright’s Live Concert Multimedia Experience!

04 8:00 p.m.

Tickets are required but free. All seating is general admission – first come, first served.

Celebrate Independence Day with Jack Wright’s highly acclaimed national touring production — NEIL DIAMOND SUPERSTAR.

Follow Neil’s five decades of superstar performances through fascinating stories, song explanations, and stunning multimedia imagery.

Hear the high-energy rock ‘n roll standards like Cherry Cherry and Cracklin’ Rosie,  the passionate ballads like Hello Again and September Morn, the soaring anthems like Holly Holy and I Am I Said,  and Coming to America, a tribute to our heritage and patriotic roots.

Backed by the energetic Heartlight Band, this show reproduces the original Neil Diamond live concert arrangements with amazing accuracy and intensity.

“This is as close as it gets.”  ~ Jennifer Strong – Soper-Reese Theater

“Absolutely awesome! Pure Joy!” ~ Judy LeBeau – Theater Artists Stage

“An amazing experience!” ~ Ike Wheeler – Arkansas State U.

About Jack Wright:

Jack Wright is an accomplished singer, actor, composer and music arranger who has toured throughout the U.S. and Canada. He comes to the stage with a background in musical theater and classical music, from which he has emerged as a highly accomplished entertainer.

His career is, in many ways, a coming together of a lifetime of experiences. The boy soprano from Ogden, Utah became a young classical and folk musician, a musical theater lead performer, a touring pop singer and a prolific composer-arranger.

Following one of his most challenging lead rolls in musical theater, as Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha, he literally “took his act on the road.” During a continuous 13-year stint as a cover artist, he enjoyed years of repeat bookings at luxury hotels and resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada. Neil Diamond songs became the most requested and appreciated, and eventually inspired what has become a highly acclaimed national-touring presentation of Neil’s life stories and inspired lyrics.

Jack makes no attempt to impersonate Neil. His goal for development and performance of the show has been to provide an authentic and respectful tribute to Neil’s five decades of superstardom. “I don’t try to shape my vowels to match his. I don’t try to copy his movements. I don’t use over-the-top mimicry to create a nostalgic illusion of Neil’s early performances. It’s more important to me to perform as Neil has in his contemporary prime, and to faithfully present the very best performances of his five decades of superstardom.”

He explains the importance of the music this way: “A lot of the energy and emotion of Neil Diamond’s songs comes from his musical arrangements. The only way to do them justice is to recreate the original scores as closely as possible – strings, bass, rhythm sections, woodwinds, brass – it all has to come together in a rich, intricate musical tapestry that underpins and enhances Neil’s meaningful poetic lyrics.”

Jack’s “gut feeling” for Neil’s music comes from the same place as it was originally written: a need to express life’s ups and downs, hopes and aspirations, love found and love lost through words, melodies and expressive musical arrangements. It’s a comfortable fit, and it comes through honestly and passionately in every performance. He relies on his natural singing voice, which closely resembles Neil’s, and his ability to connect to his audiences with the same openness as the master entertainer himself.

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