03 5:00 p.m.

Shrapnel Lounge

Snow Horse Art Gallery

Shrapnel Lounge

Snow Horse Art Gallery

03 5:00 p.m.

This exhibit is currently displayed and available for free viewing at Davis Conference Center. The exhibit will close on October 3 at 5 p.m.



Letter from the artist:

Over the past decade, I have been exploring and developing this language in which I paint, becoming inspired by the land we live on and how we interact with it. Throughout my exploration, I have been intrigued by the technical drawing we use to study the world around us. I use topography and mapping as an integral source of inspiration. My style is rooted in a core desire to let go of control and allow myself to be informed by the canvas in front of me.

It starts with a single line referencing our geography or imagining each line guiding the next. My flow as an artist is to understand when to stop, giving me the freedom to paint with my hands rather than my head.

When surrendering to this process, I get the unique opportunity to see my experiences and subconscious unfold before me in color, line, and shape. My artwork is a juxtaposition of the pathways beneath our feet and the pathways in our minds.


About the Artist:

Aisha Hamra-Pinto, AKA Shrapnel Lounge, is an artist who grew up along the Wasatch front. Currently living in Salt Lake City, Aisha was born in India and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in fine art from Weber State University.

She works primarily in acrylic & ink, focusing on line work and color richness. Her art style would be best described as contemporary-abstract as she leans towards a unique language in her painting style. Her line work often references topography and informational drawing while representing the pathways in her mind.

These unique shapes and line work that appear in her work, as described by her, are a stepping away from control. Developing from a desire to be informed by the canvas before her and subconscious expression, each work begins with a single line and develops into a finished piece of art.

For purchase or commission inquiries, contact the artists directly

801.695.2265 | [email protected] | @shrapnel.lounge

This Exhibit is Located At:

Davis Conference Center

Atrium Hallway

1651 N 700 W

Layton, UT 84041

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