Tanya1Tanya Garn has lived in Layton all of her life except for a few short years while living in Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. She has the distinct honor of being selected Princess of Layton in 1960 when she was 5 years, and remembers the first traffic light that came to Layton. Yes, she is THAT old and has felt compelled to stay in Layton to be with her “subjects.”

Tanya is married to Kevin Garn and they have 6 children, 5 in-laws, and 19 grandchildren. She has spent most of her adult life being a full time homemaker, PTA, church and civic volunteer. Even as an empty nester, her time is filled with many family activities, and she has found being a grandmother is indeed a reward for not dropping the kids off at the fire station.

Tanya has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a Master’s degree in Family Studies with a focus on education and intrinsic motivation, both from the U of U. She is co-owner of K.S.G. Properties and Sego Lily Day Spa. Her passions are traveling, decorating, organizing, physical exercise of all kinds (especially dancing), crocheting while watching a good football game, continuing education, and teaching. She has often given seminars on organization and positive psychology.

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