Be a part of the Davis Arts Council‘s (DAC) 8th season of the Davis Arts Chamber Music Series. This is another program presented by DAC that’s completely FREE to the public. Held at ALPINE CHURCH in Layton, it runs on the first Friday of each month from October through May. Performances are one hour long and begin at 7:00pm (note: performance time may change back to 7:30pm).

DAC is looking for local brilliance/talent/experience/creativity. Are you a classical voice teacher? Consider using our program to showcase a recital of your best and brightest students! Are you part of a small woodwind ensemble? How about a choir? The possibilities are many and we have 8 performances to plan.


Davis Arts Council is asking for submissions for a classical (or other genre appropriate in a chamber setting) performance using the button below with the following instructions:


  1. First and last name of the main contact
  2. Email address of the main contact
  3. Phone number of the main contact
  4. Only check the “DAVIS ARTS CHAMBER MUSIC SERIES” box
  5. Upload up to 5 work sample links (your website, if you have one, should be included as the first link, the other four links may be from the sources listed on the form).
  6. In the comments box, please include the following.
    • An explanation of the history of the group/person/proposed performer, answer the question, “Who are you?”.
    • Include brief bios of each performer (if available); links to biographies located on other websites are acceptable.
    • Please explain your proposed program for the Davis Arts Chamber Series (it should be ONLY 1 HOUR LONG and while it does not need be set in stone, it should include your proposed THEME (see sample themes below) and sample or actual list of songs/composers.
    • List the date(s) you are applying for (see list of available dates below). If you are available for more than one date, please list your availability in order of preference.
    • Lastly, include your desired payment/honorarium* amount

If wish to email your proposal instead of using this online form, please do so in a concise and readable PDF format and attach it to an email to CreativeATdavisartsDOTorg; ensure the subject line of the email is: “CHAMBER SERIES PROPOSAL:BY <<NAME OF YOUR GROUP/PERFORMER>>”.

*Honorariums/payments vary depending upon the size of the group, experience of the group in performing together both professionally and at non-paid events, and “materials” required, including tuning of the piano (if our baby grand piano will be used in your performance). NOTE ABOUT TUNING: The piano tuning will be scheduled in concert with Davis Arts Council’s staff to accommodate venue access but the tuning professional will be selected and paid by the artist–therefore, if you desire the piano tuned, you should include it as part of your payment request. All honorariums are in-full and no performer will be reimbursed for sheet music or specially-rented instruments, etc. Please take these points into consideration as you build your budget and payment request. Performance payments average between $300 and $800. However, you should include a request for payment that will ensure coverage of your needs.


Rehearsal space will not be provided except for sound check sometime between 5:00pm and 6:30pm. All rehearsal will need to take place offsite and prior to the performance date. Davis Arts Council will provide one to two experienced technical staff to assist with lighting (lighting available is minimal and basically a wash that light the stage and dim the house), sound augmentation, and any video you would like to use in your performance.  Use of the Davis Arts Council’s baby grand piano is also available (if you intend to use the DAC’s piano, please build in funds for tuning into your honorarium request). We also publicize the event and provide ushers to assist with seating. Our staff/volunteers will also serve to introduce your performance and thank the Davis Arts Council sponsors.


**Utah Opera’s Apprentice Ensemble is scheduled for 1/2 the evening on February 2. If you select to submit a proposal for this date, it should be for 30-40 minutes instead of the full hour and with the understanding that Opera performers will be sharing the bill that evening.