Accessibility and Accommodations

Davis Arts Council is committed to providing the best experience possible to all patrons.

Davis Arts Council strives to make our events accessible to all. Below you will find accessibility information regarding The Kenley Amphitheater. You will also find accommodations we provide upon request. If you have any other questions or concerns, need assistance, or would like to request further accommodations not listed below, please contact the box office at least two weeks in advance of your visit at 801-546-8575.


The Kenley Amphitheater

Captions: All Friday Film Series movies screen with captions.

Parking: There are 2 (two) ADA-compliant parking spaces located in the parking lot to the north of The Kenley Amphitheater. These parking spaces are approximately 100 feet north of the main entry gate.

Restrooms: There are ADA-compliant stalls located in both the men’s and women’s restrooms at The Kenley Amphitheater. There is also a separate ADA-compliant family restroom.

Box Office, Merchandise, and Concessions: The paths to ticketing, merchandise, and concessions booth are wheelchair accessible. The counter heights are also wheelchair accessible.


          • Orchestra: The orchestra section is only reachable by three downward steps. Therefore, it is not wheelchair accessible. Patrons using other mobility aids (walkers, canes, etc.) might find the orchestra section difficult to access. All mobility aids must be folded and/or stored under orchestra seats.
          • Reserved: There are 4 (four) designated wheelchair seats available in The Kenley Amphitheater’s reserved section. In addition, each wheelchair seat has 1 (one) companion seat available.
          • General Admission:  The general admission section does not contain any ADA-compliant seating. However, general admission ticket holders who need accommodations (and up to 3 companions) may use our disability-friendly line to enter the venue. Upon entering the venue, those who use the disability-friendly line will be escorted to the general admission terrace section.
                • The General Admission Terrace: The terrace is located on the north side of the venue. Slightly obstructed views of the stage are possible. A four-inch lip is located at the entrance edge of all terrace steps. At all Summer Nights with the Stars events, a volunteer is stationed in the area to assist patrons with mobility aids. A removable ramp is offered to help patrons in and out of the terrace steps; however, that ramp is removed while not in use due to egress requirements.

Disability-Friendly Line: This line is intended to be used only by general admission patrons with disabilities—and up to three companions—who need to sit on and around the GA terrace area. If you wish to sit elsewhere in the venue, please use the main line to enter.

Once the gates open, those in the GA Disability-Friendly line—and up to three of their companions—will be escorted directly to the GA terrace area inside The Kenley Amphitheater. Any additional companions in your party will need to enter using the main line and join you once they are inside the venue. Seating in the GA terrace area is limited and is first come, first served.

2 ADA parking spaces at The Kenley Amphitheater

ADA compliant restrooms at The Kenley Amphitheater

Accessible ticket & merch booths at The Kenley

Accessible entrance into The Kenley Amphitheater

General Admission Terrace section with removable ramp

General Admission Terrace area with the removable ramp


Davis Arts Council is committed to providing the best experience possible to all patrons. As such, the following accommodations may be requested at the time of ticket purchase, or by calling the box office at 801-546-8575.

Please allow up to two weeks advanced notice for accommodation request fulfillment.

 Davis Arts Council Accommodations:


      • The disability-friendly line for the GA terrace section of The Kenley Amphitheater
      • ASL interpretation
      • Screen reader compatible Summer Arts Guide

Additional accommodations not listed above can be requested by calling our box office at 801-546-8575.

Please note: we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of additional accommodation requests.