BarryBarry J. Sanderson saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 and  it was over. At the age of 7 he knew music was going to be an important part of his life. At 9 he started with the violin and loved it. The music program was cancelled at his school so he waited until Jr high to begin playing in ernest. The Trombone; there were too many drummers in the band. He became a boy on a mission. With paper route money, a bit of help from Mom and the Sears catalog he bought a drum set. A blue sparkle beauty that started a lifetime of driving bands from behind a wall of drums. He has played all over the world for the USO and is proud to spend his spare time playing behind local band, Mid Life Crisis. He is currently the VP of Sales at HSI and was previously a Senior director at Amerinet and a Regional Manager at Intermountain Health Care. His board service included a seat on the National Health Sciences and Technology Education Board. He resides in Layton and is married to the exceptional Teresa Sanderson. They have two children and two Grandsons who are both learning their way around a drum kit.

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