Ophir Creek is a Utah group that formed in 2009. They have emerged to redefine the folk, bluegrass, and southern gospel tradition and to keep it burning with an exciting new sound.

Seasoned band members Dave Shurtleff, Ken Bradshaw, Dale Searcy, John Sargent, and B. Scott Berry are versatile musicians, all of whom play guitar and provide vocals with mandolin, banjo, accordion, and bass thrown in for good measure. T hey play frequently for numerous civic and religious functions, as well as county fairs and city celebrations throughout Northern Utah. Collectively, they have over 150 years of performance experience playing in different groups around the country and the world. They feel blessed to be able to play great music and have a great time together sharing it with their audiences—from soft ballads that tug at the heart to rollicking banjo-supported slices of Americana!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013 | 7:00pm