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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

There is so much more to the stories of Thor, Loki, and Odin than what you see in a Marvel movie. Neil Gaiman takes some of the western world’s most ancient stories and characters and breathes new life into them in this entertaining and immensely readable volume. From the creation of the world to its destruction, the gods and goddesses get into incredible shenanigans with fantastic creatures and humans alike. Meticulously researched but also with Gaiman’s signature quirky writing style, each chapter’s story blends into the next and keeps the pages turning. Because each chapter is a standalone story, this is also a great bedtime read-aloud book for older kids

-Tessa Vaschel, Executive Director

Norse Mythology: Gaiman, Neil: 9780393356182



Avatar: The Last Airbender


Emma | HULU, Amazon Prime, HBOMax

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy (if you were a fan of The Queen’s Gambit) and Bill Nighy (who is hilarious), this is a GORGEOUS movie to look at.  In my world, you just cannot go wrong with an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, but this was the first movie I went to by myself, on a late afternoon, when movies first reopened, during Covid.  I was the only person in the theater and seriously, the art direction alone in this movie is worth the price of admission, but all the performances are lovely and charming as well.  It was playing on the plane as I traveled last week, and I was so excited to see it again!

-Teri Cowan, Director of Development

EMMA. – Official Trailer [HD]

Crime Junkie



Host Lee Hale from KUER interviews people from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds to discuss the ways that their faith intersects with their daily lives. Hale is open about his own struggles with his LDS faith and talks with the guests on his show about the ways their experiences are similar and different. His guests bring unique perspectives to the table and I learned about religions I had never heard of or knew very little about including Baha’i, Jainism, and witchcraft (really!).

-Tessa Vaschel, Executive Director

Preach Podcast