Davis Arts Council is seeking community members to serve as volunteer security personnel at the Summer Nights with the Stars concert series. Volunteer security personnel enable DAC to fulfill its mission and provide peace of mind for event patrons and performing artists, enhancing the safety and enjoyment of these community arts events.

Successful candidates:
• Can focus in distracting environments.
• Have situational awareness.
• Can verbally communicate clearly and concisely.

Previous relevant experience may include:
• First responders
• Military service
• Private or event security
• Other similar experience

Responsibilities include:
• Audience management
• Venue policy enforcement
• Conflict de-escalation
• Coordination with local emergency services if needed.

Physical Requirements
• Sitting, standing, and walking for long periods of time
• Extended time outdoors in hot, sunny weather
• Exposure to loud environments (95dB+)
• Verbal communication in loud environments

DAC is committed to the success of all our volunteers. We provide the necessary training to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as volunteer security personnel.