Volunteering for the Davis Arts Council

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Davis Arts Council!

The Davis Arts Council has a very strong volunteer “family,” dedicated to providing an enjoyable, safe experience to our incredible patrons. Our events and programs owe much of their success to this cadre of dedicated, caring, talented, giving volunteers. To find out more about our programs, search the “Events/Programs” dropdown above. Nearly every single program of the DAC requires some sort of volunteer support.

The Davis Arts Council adopted this non-discrimination policy on March 9, 2010:

The Davis Arts Council, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. The organization employs administrative, artistic, contract, and volunteer personnel without consideration of age, creed, disability, national origin, political affiliation, race/color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, socio-economic status, or veteran status.

Some aspects of the work may be strenuous for some. Volunteers should be prepared that work may include climbing stairs, assisting patrons in wheelchairs-helping wheelchair bound patrons from their wheelchairs to permanent seating, standing for long periods of time, picking up trash, and carrying chairs.  Keeping our volunteers safe is one of our highest priorities; therefore, we must know each volunteer’s physical capabilities and disabilities prior to volunteer assignments. That said, we encourage people of every ability who are at least 18 years old that has time and want to contribute to their community to apply to be a part of our volunteer family. Should the physical requirements of “Job A” not be within your reach, perhaps the requirements of “Job B” will be.

Each applicant will be asked to attend our orientation and interviews for the upcoming season in February.  We will also schedule and conduct mandatory training for all volunteers prior to the beginning of the summer shows’ season.

Thank you again for your interest in serving the northern Utah community by investing your time in the arts and DAVIS ARTS COUNCIL.

If you are interested in joining our family please download the Volunteer Form Here– fill it out then attach it and send it to volunteer@davisarts.org, or you may print and fax to 801-593-0205 or bring it to our office.