The Kenley Amphitheater, home of Summer Nights with the Stars, is one of the smallest outdoor venues in Utah but hosts some of the largest concerts around! Such an intimate venue means limited seating, but a concert at The Kenley is unlike any other. While a reserved seat is nice, a ticket for the general admission area has so many benefits! Check out why the grass section is our staff’s favorite spot in the whole venue.


1. You are never more than 100 feet away from the stage!

The seating at The Kenley curves with the stage. So, no matter where you are sitting in the general admission area, you are never more than 100 feet from the stage, even at the very back of the venue. If you can snag a front row spot on the grass, you are only 50 feet from the stage! 


2. You don’t have to line up as early as you may think to get a great spot.

Most general admission patrons begin to line up just 30-60 minutes before the gate opens at the big shows, known as our Special Engagements. Most patrons arrive at our regular season shows about 15 minutes before the gate opens. A good rule of thumb: the bigger the artist, the earlier patrons arrive.

You are welcome to bring an umbrella for some added shade while waiting in line. You can also hop on over to the pavilion for a bit of shade if needed.

Please note we do not allow patrons to place their belongings in line and leave the area. One person in your party must remain in immediate proximity to The Kenley Amphitheater.


3. Arriving before gates open means better parking.

As with any venue, the earlier you arrive, the closer you will be able to park. Parking is limited in the lot just to the north of The Kenley. Our general admission patrons typically fill up the north parking lot. Our reserved and orchestra patrons usually have to park across the street at Layton High School.


4. You can bring a regular size lawn chair!

We encourage all general admission patrons to bring a standard-size lawn or camping chair! We find camping chairs to be a bit more comfortable, and slightly larger, than the reserved seats inside the venue.

Bringing your own chair also means you have a place to sit while waiting in line for the gate to open. Bonus if your chair has cup holders!


5. The grass is the coolest spot in the venue.

We have experienced some extreme temperatures at The Kenley. The grass provides some relief from the heat, as temperatures are about 10° cooler than in the reserved section. That can make a big difference when it’s 105° outside!


6. There is more elbow room on the grass.

The general admission area provides more room for our patrons than the reserved and orchestra sections. You have more space for your cooler full of non-alcoholic beverages and the extra room to get up and dance!


7. This one is obvious: you pay less money for your ticket!

No matter where you are sitting in the venue, everyone sees and experiences the exact same show! General admission tickets are the most affordable tickets for every Summer Nights with the Stars event, with some shows starting at just $10!


See why we love the general admission area?! There are so many advantages to sitting on the grass, and we hope we’ve convinced you to join us on the lawn at some of our Summer Nights with the Stars events!

If you’d like to watch our venue drone video, or learn more about The Kenley Amphitheater, visit our Venue Information page.